Amazon Scam hits Nebraskans

We've had about a dozen calls from members who have received phone calls from someone representing themselves as Amazon. The caller talks about a gift card purchase of $77.50. The caller asks the member to contact a number which is in Florida and not a valid Amazon number. The fraudster talks about a refund and starts walking our member through a series of steps on their computer to get the refund. From the reports it appears that the fraudsters are trying to gain access to the member's computer. Please do not believe these fraudsters. There is no gift card and there is no refund. At this time, the only information known to be compromised are phone numbers. We are unaware how that information was obtained. No financial institution is named in the call and no card information is given in the call. If you have any questions about this scam or you have been a victim of a scam, please call us so that we can help at 402.472.2087.