Annual Shred Day

The credit union is looking forward to the day when we can open our lobbies and return to normal staffing and hours. The date to do this is still not set, but we will continue to keep everyone informed as we make decisions on our COVID-19 page.

In light of the new COVID-19 Directed Health Measure (DHM) for Lancaster County allowing restaurants to operate dining rooms at 50% and the opening of the person service industry, we feel that we can continue with our plans to have our Annual Shred Day in Lincoln, NE on Saturday, May 30. Please review the information below as we are changing the process a bit to help you and are staff remain safe.

When: Saturday, May 30
Where: NUFCU East Branch - 301 N 52nd Street - Lincoln, NE
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Items that need to be shredded

  • paper statements
  • checks
  • anything with a signature, social security number, account number or other personal non-public information
  • plastic credit and I.D. cards
  • cassettes & CDs - shred if you have sensitive information on these (music CDs etc can go in the trash)
  • audio tapes - shred if you have sensitive information on these (mix-tapes from an old boyfriend can just go in the trash)

Remember please do not include garbage or metal in your shredding (paper clips & staples are allowed). We don't have limits on the amount you can shred.

Shred Day Process

  • Stay in your car
  • Provide the volunteer with instructions about where to grab your shredding. We'll remove the shredding from your vehicle.
  • We will not return containers, so please bring shredding in a plastic bag or brown paper bag. You can use boxes as long as you don't want it returned to you. We will recycle all cardboard boxes.
  • We will be wearing masks to keep you safe, please wear a mask to keep us safe.