ATM Fee Suspended


Most people are experiencing new daily schedules. The credit union recognizes getting cash from one of our ATMs or a CO-OP fee free ATM might be more of a challenge. For this reason the credit union is suspending the $1.50 foreign ATM fee until usual routines resume.

If you need cash, remember you can request cash when you use your debit card at the grocery store. There is no fee at anytime from NUFCU for this service and in most if not all cases, the grocery store doesn't charge for the service.


*NUFCU charges a $1.50 fee for transactions at ATMs that are not owned by NUFCU or are not part of the CO-OP Network. This fee will not be charged until further notice. Fees charged by other financial institutions still apply. Click here to learn more about the credit union's response to COVID-19.