PyeongChang Olympic Tips

Visa's Tips on How to protect yourself at the Olympics

Below is a list prepared by Visa of best practices issuers can use to help international travelers reduce transaction declines, minimize fraud risk and improve overall travel. Cardholders are reminded that Visa-branded payment cards, along with cash, are the only forms of payment accepted by concession and retail vendors at the PyeongChang 2018 venues and stadiums.

• Encourage cardholders to notify you about travel plans and which Visa credit or debit cards they will use to avoid issues at the point of sale. In addition, ask cardholders to confirm the best telephone number for you to reach them during travel. If necessary, activate the cardholders’ cards for overseas usage.
• Automatic Bill Payment: Suggest that cardholders set up automatic bill payment prior to travel for credit cards and ensure that they have sufficient funds in their debit account.
• Secure Record Storage: In case of emergency, suggest that cardholders keep records of account numbers in a safe and secure place. If cardholders must write down their PINs, they should be stored securely. Provide cardholders with contact information to be used in the event that a card is lost, stolen or declined; suggest to cardholders that they store this contact information separately from their wallet or purse.
• How to Report Lost or Stolen Cards: Encourage cardholders to keep the Visa Global Customer Assistance Services toll-free hotline telephone number (00798-11-908-8212) handy, and to call it immediately upon losing a card. This number, which is accessible only from South Korea, will be active 24/7 for the duration of the Olympics and support will be available in multiple languages.
• Using ATMs With Visa Logo: Remind cardholders to look for the Visa or Plus logo on ATMs to ensure international payment card acceptance, as some of the domestic ATMs in South Korea are not linked to Visa or Plus. ATMs in the Plus network will be installed at the Olympic venues, stadiums and other tourist areas.
• PIN Requirements: Remind cardholders of the importance of having the PIN for withdrawals at ATMs in South Korea. Ask if the cardholder would like to receive a PIN reminder for ATM usage.
• Recommendation to Carry Cash: To help cover instances where Visa is not accepted, remind cardholders to carry a small amount of Korean Won, the local currency.
• Review of Payment Card Statements: Emphasize the importance of reviewing payment card statements during travel. Cardholders should contact their call center if they see any suspicious or incorrect charges.
• Spending and Withdrawal Limits: To avoid unnecessary declines, remind cardholders of any withdrawal and/or spending limits, and to review their line of credit prior to travel.