Manage your accounts smarter by staying in the know about balances, payment dates, and more. With e-Alerts you can have activity alerts sent to your email the same day the activity occurs.

Alert Types

  • Personal Alert - to remind yourself about items you often forget, like paying a bill or remembering an anniversary and more.
  • Transaction Alerts - will notify you when a deposit or withdrawal occurs including once your payroll is deposited.
  • Deposit or Loan Account Balances Alerts - to alert you if your balance falls below the amount you specify.
  • Loan Payment Due Alerts - reminds you when your payment is due.
  • Event Alerts - will give you added security by notifying you of a password change, email address change, and more.

How to Start

To set up email notifications, login to your e-Teller account and select the "e*Alerts" link from the options in the left column. The page will walk you through how to set up the different alerts available.