Equifax Breach

We are here to help you with understanding and dealing with this event that is reportedly affecting 143 million people.  Our advice at this time is to monitor your accounts frequently, noting anything unusual, and call if you note anything unusual.

From what we’re reading in this story, social security numbers, names, driver’s license information, and dates of birth were among the information compromised.  Criminals may use this information in attempting to open up accounts now or in the future.  Be especially vigilant looking for anything related to opening a new account somewhere using this information both now and in the future.

The news is also reporting a relatively small number of credit card numbers were compromised.  Visa will send us a list of any card numbers belonging to our members.  We have procedures in place if and when we receive any list from Visa.  At this time, we have not been informed of any card numbers belonging to our members related to this breach. 

However, compromises and data breaches have become commonplace and occur every day—sometimes at corporations such as Equifax, and also at merchants.  As a result, we remind you to monitor your accounts frequently.  If anything looks suspicious, call and inquire.  We have systems in place looking for fraudulent activity.  However, monitoring your own account is best practice.

We are reading stories from various sources about contacting Equifax, and what Equifax’s response to this is, or should be.  We are not offering advice about what to do in approaching Equifax.  We would suggest you follow advice only from credible sources.

Please call me at 402-472-6915 if you would like to discuss it further.

Thank you for your membership.


Keith Kauffeld