Fall Shred Day

We are pleased to help protect our members and friends from Identity Theft by offering a free shred day that is safe and secure to dispose of your confidential documents. Bring any documents that contain personal and private information to our East Branch on Saturday, October 3 from 9 to 11 a.m. where Shredding Solutions will be on hand with their mobile shred truck.

No Limits

There is no limit to the amount you can bring but please note that this is not for general recycling so items like newspapers, phone books, catalogs or other items that don’t contain private information should not be included.

Bring Disposable Containers

Containers will NOT be returned to you so bring your shred in paper or plastic bags or small cardboard boxes that you don’t want to keep. Paper clips and staples don’t need to be removed but binder clips or other large items that can’t be shredded should be removed to prevent damage to the equipment. You may also bring plastic account and membership cards and computer disks or tapes that contain sensitive information to be destroyed in a secure manner.

Wear a mask

Our volunteers will be masked and we ask that you do the same. We will come to your car and unload. Everything will go to the truck and will be shredded on site.

What to Shred

In general, to protect yourself from Identity Thieves, we recommend that you shred documents that contain account numbers, social security numbers, medical information and personal information such as date of birth.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Sign up for Online Statements which you can access safely and securely
  • Keep sensitive information securely stored.
  • Never share your personal information with strangers or on social media.