ID Theft Protection and ID Theft Restoration

ID Theft continues to rise in the United States. The credit union is committed to educating members about ID Theft through seminars and content on our website and in our newsletter. We've been investigating services that offer ID Theft Protection and ID Theft Restoration. These are great services to have, but they come with a cost. Then during an ID Theft seminar a University of Nebraska staff member told us that university employees are covered for both protection and restoration through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The credit union contacted the university to confirm and then talked to the third party provider (AllClear ID) partnering with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Everything checked out great and they encouraged us to get the word out to our members that are employed at the university and have the Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage. Read more, but if you have question please contact Dena Noe at 402.472.8782.