Guaranteed Future Value

When you take out your Auto Advantage Loan, you’ll be given a Guaranteed Future Value for your car at the end of the monthly payments. That’s the amount you’ll owe when your monthly payments are done. But, you have options!

When your loan term ends you can choose to:

  • TRADE IN the vehicle and apply positive equity toward your next vehicle.
  • KEEP - make the final payment (GFV) and keep the vehicle. You can pay it in a lump sum or refinance and continue to make monthly payments.
  • TURN IN & WALK AWAY - you can walk away from the vehicle and just pay a disposition fee of only $1951. Our partners at AFG guarantee that they will buy your car for the pre-determined GFV amount so there is no risk to you.2

An Auto Advantage Loan with GFV Offers

  • Guaranteed future value at end of term
  • Protection from unexpected depreciation
  • Reduces negative equity risk
  • Rights of ownership

    - Flexibility during and at end of term
    - Titled in your name, trade in anytime
    - Sell at anytime
    - No early termination fees

  • Payments are lower-based on difference between residual and total amount financed
  • Easy "walk-away" option at end of term

Why Pay for the Whole Car?

$30,000 Car

Guaranteed Future Value

Pay For What
You Use

*All loans subject to credit approval. 1Fees apply only if you decide to return the vehicle in lieu of making the final balloon payment. Mileage restrictions and wear and tear conditions apply. 2Mileage restrictions and wear and tear conditions apply.