"CHIP" card enabled ATM upgrade complete

The credit union ATM machines at each branch and our ATM machines at Campus Rec and at the City Student Union have been upgraded to accept "chip" cards. Due to this change our ATMs will now hold on to your card during the transaction. The machine will beep and indicate that you should remove your card. This beep will occur before you receive cash or a receipt. This upgrade was implemented to continue to provide you with the latest security. The credit union will be issuing "chip" credit and debit cards beginning January 2017.

Important Changes to your Online Banking - July 9

To increase the protection of your financial information, we will be upgrading our online banking product (e-Teller). This upgrade will require that all members change their passwords to meet additional requirements. We encourage you to change your password before July 9. Click here to learn the steps to change your e-Teller password.

The new password requirements are as follows:

  • Between 8 and 32 characters in length
  • At least one uppercase alphabetic character
  • At least one lowercase alphabetic character
  • At least 2 numbers
  • If you choose to use a special characters in your password, the following are allowed: !, #, $, %, -
  • Cannot be 1 of the previous 5 passwords used

New Fraud Protection Service - Now Available

As always the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union is looking for the best possible protections for our members and their money. We are now introducing a service that will alert you to transactions being conducted using your NUFCU Visa debit or credit card(s). These alerts are based on rules created by the credit union for your protection. These alerts are provided by smsGuardian. Click here to learn more.

Payment Services Assistant Position Open

The credit union has a new position open for a payment services assistant. This position will assist with plastic card, Courtesy Pay and share draft processing. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work with the credit union's bill pay product. Six months to two years of similar or related experience in financial services. Click here to read the full job description. If interested, please send resume with cover letter and salary requirements to or drop the documents at either our main or east location.

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