Money Desktop

The credit union will be launching a new product called Money Desktop. This new product will be available online in mid-November and on our mobile app in early 2016. Money Desktop is an easy, fast and secure way to manage your finances. With this product you can consolidate all your income and spending across all financial institutions, and the product will display the information in one simple and easy to navigate picture. Keep checking our website to learn about a specific launch date soon.

Bill Pay Upgrade

Our bill pay product has been updated to serve you better. NUFCU will launch the new 'One Cick' product beginning the week of October 26. All of your payees, etc. will be available on 'One Click'; you will not have to take any additional steps to use this updated bill pay. 'One Click' is different from our current product, but was designed with the user in mind. The product has improved functionality and uses a dashboard to help you keep informed. We see this upgrade as a step in the right direction for our members. Click here to view a demo of 'One Click'. If you have questions regarding these changes, please call us at 402.472.2087 and talk to one of our expert call center representatives.

Privacy Policy

The University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union Privacy Policy is always available on our website at Each year we take time to remind you of our Privacy Policy and where you can access the information. If you would like the Privacy Policy mailed to you, please call us at 402.472.2087 to make the request.

Halloween Coloring Contest

The NUFCU annual Halloween Coloring Contest begins today. Click here for your contest coloring sheet. Be as creative as you like and then return your finished sheet to the credit union. Everyone that participates is entered into a drawing for a fun family game night basket. Happy Halloween!

Confused about EMV - We can understand

There have been a lot of reports about the implementation of EMV (chip cards) in the news. Especially since a significant date for implementation is Oct 1. (Click here to learn more about what EMV is and how it works.) As of October 1, retailers need to have the ability to read EMV cards as part of regulatory changes. This is not a legal requirement, but if a retailer is not ready to accept the EMV cards, they become liable for more fraud damages. In the past, the issuing credit card bank or credit union took on the cost of fraudulent card activity. As part of this EMV transition, issuing banks are being asked to supply the EMV cards to their cardholder over the next two years. Here at NUFCU we are working with our card vendor to start issuing EMV cards in late 2016. These details have not all been finalized, so check back as we provide more information on how we will transition to EMV.

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