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To a new home. To a new life. To better years ahead.

Our mortgage professionals are ready to help you find the home financing option that fits you best. We have partnered with Servion, a credit union industry owned corporation, to provide advice and exceptional service.

Our Mortgage Program Features:

  • Expanded loan programs
  • Low interest rates and closing costs
  • Expert support and assistance throughout the entire process.
University of Nebraska FCU home loans are easy to understand and quick to close. Choose the one that makes you feel most at home.

Why choose us?
You’ll enjoy local, personal service and a fast application process. Find out how owning a home might be easier than you think.

Loan types include:
  • Conventional
  • FHA
  • VA
  • USDA
  • Jumbo/Non-Conforming
  • Fixed rate and ARM options
Learn more about the different financing options by connecting with a loan officer at 402.472.2087 or click the button below to have a loan officer call you.

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Already own your home, ask us how refinancing your your first mortgage might be the right choice for you.

A 10-year or 15-year mortgage is a home loan that lets you repay your mortgage in less time. It could be a good option for you if you’re looking to refinance or if you want a speedy repayment period. The benefits include:

  • reduce your monthly payments
  • reduce the number of payments you'll make
  • free up equity to use to buy a car, make home improvements or consolidate debts

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