Overdraft Coverage

An overdraft can occur if you made a mistake in your checkbook, or had unusual or unforeseen expenses at just the wrong time. Relax...your Credit Union is here to help. We have the following options you can choose from or have all three!

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Avoid expensive and embarrassing overdraft fees by applying for an overdraft line of credit. This form of overdraft protection is unique because members only pay for the amount of money borrowed - not the number of items that need to be covered. There is no cost unless the member uses it. Members may advance the funds themselves or via online banking or by telephone, or rely on the credit union to advance the funds in $100 increments for a small transfer fee. Repayment is the principal plus interest on any balance. Payments may be made monthly.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Automatic Transfer from Savings

Members are automatically enrolled for overdraft protection here at the credit union via a savings account. If a checking account is overdrawn, the credit union will transfer the funds from the attached savings account for only the amount needed to cover the overdrawn balance. For a small transfer fee, members can avoid costly overdraft fees.

Courtesy Pay

Security and peace of mind! We will pay overdrafts on a members account up to $750 for convenience and flexibility in managing your funds. Protection is now available on ATM and Debit Card Transactions. To add this new feature to Courtesy Pay, we'll need your consent. Click here to add ATM and Debit Card Transactions or call us at 402.472.2087.

Not all overdrafts can be paid, and some restrictions do apply.