Accounts & Services

As a member-owned financial institution, we're all about member service. With NUFCU, you will experience not only great rates, but services to meet all your financial needs. Review our Accounts & Services section for general information about accounts and services you may find useful. Use these resources to help you take full advantage of your NUFCU membership.


Whether you are saving for college, to purchase a new home or unexpected emergencies, NUFCU can help you get there with our Share Savings Account. Learn more.


With so many activities on your schedule wouldn't it be great to have more time to enjoy your money instead of watching over it? At NUFCU you will experience convenient, free checking to manage your day-to-day finances. Learn more.


As millions of Americans have already discovered, IRAs are one of the best retirement savings tools available today. More people than ever before are eligible to benefit from the tax advantages available through IRAs. Learn more.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Store your valuables in a NUFCU safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes are located at our main branch at 1720 P Street. Learn more.

Visa Debit Cards

A Visa® debit card works like a check, only better. When you make purchases, the amount is deducted directly from your checking account. You also enjoy added convenience and world-wide access to funds in your checking account through ATMs. Learn more.

Visa Gift Cards

Visa gift cards are the ideal gift for anyone, for any occasion! The gift card recipient can choose their perfect gift themselves - from clothes to music, movie tickets to dinner and much more. Plus, it's safer than cash. Learn more.