VISA Credit and Debit Card Assistance Lines

• 24-hour lost or stolen card reporting: 1.800.682.6075, or visit
• 24-hour decline transaction assistance: Is available during business hours by calling 402.472.2087, and after business hours by calling 1.888.526.0404.
• 24-hour card activation: 1.800.411.6390, or visit
• Real-time PIN change: You can change your PIN by calling 1.877.746.6746. The change will be active within moments after you complete the call and a new card will not be necessary.
• Travel Notification: If you are planning on traveling out of state or out of the country, be sure to notify the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union at least 3 days prior to your travel date to protect your security and ensure no interruption of service or access to your account. Travel notes can be placed during business hours by call 402.472.2087 or by stopping at either of your two convenient locations.
• To dispute a card transaction: Please contact us during business hours by calling 402.472.2087 or by visiting one of our convenient branch locations

New Fraud Detection System 1-800 Number

The credit union upgraded to a new fraud detection system in June 2016. This new system is more advanced and adds additional features to notifying you, the member, that there is possible fraud on your debit or credit card. The phone number for our Fraud Center is 1.800.417.4592. If you add this number to your phone contacts and label it "Fraud Center", it will display whenever you get a call from this number. This number is legitimate and you are encouraged to respond to the text, email or phone call. Please contact us at 402.472.2087 if you have further questions.