Protect Yourself from Scams and Fraudsters

NUFCU strives to protect your money by utilizing strict security guidelines. We encourage our members to do the same.

To assist you in protecting your funds, we’ve provided some resources below to help you prevent fraudulent activity on your account and to help you from falling victim to a scam.

If we see something that we think could possibly be fraud or scam related, we may ask you questions about your transactions. Please understand that we are not trying to be nosey and our questions are only meant to protect you from a possible loss of funds.

In addition, here are important things you need to do to avoid being scammed.

1. Never give out the login information to your accounts.
2. Unless they are a reputable service provider who you have contacted, do not allow anyone access to your computer. Do not provide access if they contacted you first, even if they sound reputable.
3. Create strong passwords and use different passwords for different accounts.
4. If you are being threatened or pressured to act immediately, do not provide information or money. Instead contact the police.
5. If you are notified that you have won a prize, you should NOT send money to anyone in order to receive your prize.
6. If someone is offering you employment or offering to purchase something from you, you should NOT send them money or gift cards.
7. If someone directs you to purchase gifts cards and read the numbers to them for verification, it is VERY likely you are being scammed.

The National Credit Union Association offers valuable education about fraud prevention and how to stay alert for possible scams at

The Federal Trade Commission also offers information regarding fraud including this recent article about the top frauds in 2019.

The Better Business Bureau news section of their web site also provides useful articles about how to protect your personal data and about recent scams.