Soon we will have card controls as part of our digital banking product. Until then we are offering members the ability to use CardValet.

Take control of when, where and how your University of Nebraska FCU debit or credit card is used with CardValet from your credit union. CardValet is a mobile app that allows credit union cardholders to monitor debit and credit card usage, control and detect fraud, and set several preferences on how your Visa debit, classic or Rewards card can be used. The power to protect your University of Nebraska FCU debit or credit card (classic or rewards) is in the palm of your hand.


  • Turn your Visa debit or credit card ON/OFF with the tap of a finger
  • View recent card transactions and activity.
  • Set location preferences by location, region, or country to define the areas in which your card can or cannot be used.
  • Set spend limits on transactions to specify a transaction amount above which transactions are denied.
  • Set specific transaction types to allow or refuse (in-store, eCommerce, mail or phone orders, auto pay, ATMs, etc.)
  • Set specific merchant types to allow or refuse (department stores, gas stations, grocery stores, etc.)
  • Customize alerts that will be pushed to your mobile device. (merchant types, transaction types, and spending limits)
  • Add multiple cards.

Download the app today from the App Store™ or Google® Play Store or click below if you are viewing this page from a web browser on your mobile phone. Search "CardValet" to find this FREE app.

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